1. If my article is written in Polish, should the abstract be also in Polish or in English?
    It is obligatory for each article to have an abstract written in English, even if the whole article is in Polish.

  2. What is the deadline for sending the required documents (article, presentation)?
    10th December for the article and 6th December for the presentation.

  3. Is the amount of points the same for publication in Polish and in English?
    Yes, our monograph is on the score list. Both Polish and English articles gain the same amount of points.

  4. Do I need to register even if I am not going to deliver a presentation?
    Yes, we need to keep track of every participants to be able to send them the proper links for the day of the conference.

  5. Is the Conference going to be fully in English?
    Mainly in English, there will be some presentations in Polish too.

  6. Where can I find the required documents?
    On our EPAE Conference website in overlap "required documents". (Link: https://www.epaeconference.com/support-documentation)

  7. Is there a template for a presentation?
    There is no obligatory template for the presentation on EPAE Conference 2021, however you are welcome to use the one that we prepared. You can find it in section "Required Documents" on our website.

  8. If there is more than one person presenting, who needs to register?
    It is enough for one person to register, but the names of the rest should be written in our registration Google form.

  9. What if there is more than one author of the article?
    Then, the documents must be signed by all authors (signed documents can be send in separate files).

  10. Is it possible to deliver more than one presentation?
    Of course, but do not forget to register all of the presentations that you want to deliver.