7th Conference Environmental Protection and Energy 6th of December 2019

On 6th of December 2019 at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice the 7th edition of Environmental Protection and Energy Conference took place in the Centre of New Technologies. Year by year the Conference gains more popularity and brings students, scientists and market-leading companies representatives from all around the world. They come to present their work, exchange their ideas or just to see the most recent topics from the energy and environmental sector today. This year it has exceeded our most daring expectations.  

The EPAE Conference is organized only and exclusively by students of Energy Transition course at Silesian University of Technology as a part of learning by doing project approach conducted by Magdalena Bogacka and Krzysztof Pikoń. This approach is promoted by InnoEnergy Master’s School, which is also a sponsor of the Conference. The group of students was divided into smaller teams, in which everyone had assigned specific tasks to contribute to the Conference success. On the top there was a Project Manager - Wojciech Szwajnoch, who directed the project using an AgilePM methodology that students previously acquired during the accredited course. Thanks to this and the diligent work for more than 2 months the Conference ended as such a great success. 

Among 265 participants there were people from more than 40 nationalities, 22 universities from all around the world and representatives from 12 companies. Over 90 presentations were divided into 3 parallel sessions in 7 rooms and were provided both in Polish and English language. Some of the sessions were started with presentations delivered by invited speakers from industry and government. The panel of experts, being proclaimed as the most interesting element during the Conference, which also had the highest attendance at the event, consisted of 6 professionals from different institutions who work on a daily basis in major market companies, research centres and universities in Europe. It brought very interesting discussion, which in many of us shaped a new view on the Energy Transition that is already in progress. At the closing ceremony the prizes for best presentation from each of 18 sessions chosen by the participants via specially made application were given together with certificates of recognition for all partners present at the Conference.